Harrison Birtwistle Eightieth Birthday with the Nash Ensemble at Wigmore Hall

Ben Hogwood for classical source.com

“Elliott Carter continued a rich vein of composition right up to the end of his 103-year-old life in 2012, so much so that Enchanted Preludes, completed in his eightieth year for flute and cello, carries the feeling of a mid-period work. There is a spring-like freshness to this music, the composer’s writing frequently bringing the two instruments into confluence for melodies of grace and, initially, nervous energy. With the glassy tone of Adrian Brendel’s harmonics the enchantment of the title was frequently cast, with Philippa Davies’s splendid tone easy to admire too. Even when the two instruments were more animated there was a sense of otherworldliness, helped by an almost complete lack of bass despite the presence of the cello.”

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